"There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat." ~ Tay Hohoff

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"The Cat's Meow is absolutely the best pick available for professional and caring cat sitting in the Bay Area.  Chelsea and her assistant Jennifer have consistently been sweet, responsive, helpful and professional, and allowed me to have complete peace of mind about my kitties' well-being when I go out of town.
They accommodated my request to send daily pictures and text check-ins happily, and even stripped the bed and soaked the linens when our older cat vomited copiously upon them during our absence. Additionally, I am a stickler for prompt responsiveness and they have always impressed me with their quick and thorough communication. They really go above and beyond, and I heartily recommend their services."

Ariel S. ~ Oakland

Tyros Zerlina Priss

"It is tremendous relief to find Chelsea, and know that Spike is taken care of so well while we are away. We find the Cat's Meow cat sitting service to be honest, caring and very dependable. We trust our home and best little friend to her care without hesitation."

Michael and Melissa ~ Emeryville

Spike in the Sun Spike in Cs Arm Spikey

"Chelsea is the nicest and most reliable cat sitter I could imagine. It feels so reassuring to know that my kitten is in the best hands when I am out of town. When I come home, I can tell he had a great time and didn't miss me one bit because he had ample cuddle time with Chelsea. I highly recommend her!"

Iris M. ~ Berkeley


"For over 4 years, Chelsea has taken care of our cats with the best of care. During both brief and extended periods of time, she attends to details such as keeping the litter boxes and cat bowls clean, making sure they have plenty of play time with their toys, and gives them an abundance of petting. The cats never gain or lose weight, are always well groomed, and seem perfectly at ease when we get home. Our little ones always seem very well loved and we know we can trust and depend on Chelsea completely. Chelsea has the most gentle nature and cats seem to respond to her like she is one of them. Our oldest cat, Gator, had to get subQ fluids daily for six months. He was a strong cat who fussed quite a bit, but when Chelsea administer the fluids he was calm and co-operative. Chelsea has an uncanny ability to connect with even the wildest of kitties to make them feel loved and secure. We had a feral cat, Fats, that lived in our front yard for over ten years and Chelsea was the first person Fats allowed to pick her up. All of our cats have bonded with Chelsea and we feel absolutely confident in her ability to make our cats feel relaxed and secure when we are away."

J.T. and Susan N. ~ Oakland

Little Buddy Buddy and Gator Gator and Be-bop

"Chelsea Stoltz has taken care of my cats on many occasions, from periods ranging from three days to two weeks. I cannot imagine a more caring, honest, conscientious cat sitter. Not only does she carry out my instructions to the letter, but she also takes the time to pet and play with the cats and to send me emailed reports on how everything is going. In addition, she is also willing to carry out adjunct duties, ranging from taking out and bringing in the garbage and recycling cans on set days to mailing letters according to a specific schedule. Furthermore, I trust Chelsea completely: I have absolutely no qualms about her entering my house when I'm not at home. In short, I am happy to recommend Chelsea Stoltz without reservation."

Gale L. ~ El Cerrito

Mia Blackster Pokey

"We needed a cat sitter for about a week, and our trip was a few days away.  I was so worried we wouldn't be able to find someone in time, and someone who was a true cat person.

Enter Chelsea.  From the moment we communicated with her, we liked her -- and knew we could trust her completely.  Lucky for us, she happened to be available.  She is totally thorough, professional, gracious, and truly loves cats.  In addition to asking us for vet and emergency contact info, she asked about our play rituals with the kitties and offered to bring in our mail.  She gave us daily kitty reports by email, even detailing how playtime went!  We really appreciated the photos she sent us, too.

When we returned, our kitties seemed so well-adjusted and happy -- frisky even!  I look forward to working with Chelsea again; she is fantastic!  Thank you, Chelsea!"

Natashia M. ~ Oakland

Loki Loki Loki